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Words of Worship

Why Words of Worship?

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No other software offers the same combination of features to facilitate your worship.

Words of Worship vs. OHP

  • Clean crisp, easy to read images
  • Find songs faster
  • The same image on every screen

Words of Worship vs. PowerPoint

PowerPoint is designed for creating pre-planned slides, not worship. Many people find it impractical for anything but the most rigidly planned services.

  • Follow the worship leader whether they decide to repeat an earlier verse or jump to an unscheduled song
  • Find and present Bible verses quickly
  • Show urgent announcements (e.g. “parent to crèche”, “move car”) without removing the song text or interrupting the service
  • Global templates mean every song is broadcast the same way, for clarity and professionalism

Words of Worship vs. other software

The best software is the one that helps your congregation worship without distraction. No other software offers the same combination of features to facilitate your worship:

  • Unique: find songs faster, with no extra effort! Your worship leader’s impromptu changes can be followed quickly and easily, even if you don’t know the title or misspell a word! Tell me more about this feature
  • Unique: multi feed. For events and churches with more than one screen, this feature means projectors can use different font settings to LCD monitors and both will stay in sync without creating extra work for the operator.
  • Stable and dependable: chosen by leading conferences such as Spring Harvest and New Wine
  • Hot keys
  • Smooth scroll
  • NIV Bible, The best selling translation, included free with Standard package
  • "Words of Worship is by far the best" - click here to read more testimonials

More benefits of using Words of Worship

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