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Few meetings run exactly as planned. Words of Worship makes it easier to keep pace with your meetings and maintain a distraction-free worship environment.

  • Exclusive QuickPick song-search
    Just enter the song title or some lyrics and choose your song from the list. Even lets you jump straight to the line in the song where those words occur and allows for misspelling or incorrect words!
  • Instant access with HotKeys
    Respond quickly with single button shortcuts to common tasks. For example, hit 1 to jump to verse one in a song, C to jump to the chorus, or Esc to blank the screen.
  • Smooth scrolling
    Song words scroll smoothly making long verses easier to read

Prepare for the entire service

Preparing a “Playlist” enables you to have all your expected songs and texts ready in advance – and is as easy as “drag and drop.“ Choose from thousands of songs, write your own or share songs with other Words of Worship users†. You can also include Bible verses, liturgy PowerPoint presentations‡ and more in your Playlist. If you prefer, prepare using your compatible PC at home, and transfer the Playlist via disk or email.

Simple controls

Words of Worship uses the familiar Windows environment to make operation more intuitive. The dual monitor system makes it easy to see both what is currently projected and what is about to be shown.

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